Comfort + Food = Comfort Food

It’s a cold rainy Thursday night, and exhausted is not enough word to describe how I feel tonight.  I would like to be treated in the way I treat freshly picked leaf lettuce.  Washed clean, then gently wrapped in a towel.

Bottom line, I need comfort, and I’m hungry.  So I guess tonight is a good night for comfort food.   Comfort + food = comfort food.

The chocolate chip pecan banana bread, which is baking away in my oven, is beginning to send its soothing aroma through the house.  I had some overripe bananas on hand, so that’s a pretty good start.  Dessert first.  It takes an hour to bake, so it will be lovely and warm when it comes out of the oven and the chocolate chips will still be soft and melty when we cut into it after…..dinner???

Uh-oh.  I forgot to plan for dinner, so that will leave TT and me indulging in a dazzling array of leftovers with which to nourish ourselves when he gets home from the office.  It will include a single chicken leg, some cottage cheese, a container of blueberry yogurt, leftover pasta sauce, (so I guess I can cook some pasta), and some wilted and slightly brown cilantro.  Oh, I have some slivered almonds too.  I cook from scratch most days, so tonight, I’ll let myself off the hook, but I guess it’s time to make a list and do the grocery shopping.  Tomorrow, maybe.

Tonight, we have banana bread.


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