First Gardens Can Produce Unexpected Results

I wasn’t always a gardener, but some of my first memories are of being in my mother’s garden with her while she weeded and cultivated her various vegetables. Originally the space she used had been for raspberries, but they died from some disease, so she had the brambles torn out and used that spot for a vegetable garden instead.

I still have and use her trowel and rakes and cultivators. I doubt she ever used a shovel, but that is supposition on my part. I only know I never saw her use a shovel. But then the only time I ever saw her sweat (excuse me, perspire) was when I was running her around the tennis court, and that’s another story. I, on the other hand, am grateful to have been born post-Victorian era, because I do indeed, sweat, so no lady I; I would have had to have been a horse.

In May, 1981 the now-unused garden beds in which my mother had grown radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, green beans, and summer squash were laying fallow, and I heard the beckoning call to go plant something.

Another call I heard was a whispering voice suggesting that I impress someone I had been dating with my gardening skills, because I knew that he had been raised on a farm in Maine, so I figured that I might be able to impress him with my green thumb. Not so. Well, the garden wasn’t impressive anyway. It produced one (count them), green bean and an enormous amount of weeds. It is likely that a delicious crop of carrots would have grown in had I not succumbed to my wonderment by pulling them up to see if they were growing. What can I say? I was young and uninitiated into the ways of rich dark soil and the magic therein.

On the other hand, with my curious intentions, I did manage to impress “the guy”, and for 28 years since we have been planting and growing our garden together.


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  1. Chris said,

    January 28, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    What an incredibly sweet post this is…I actually sighed at the end. I love that you have your mom’s tools, too great. And the part about pulling up the carrots to see if they were growing?!…that is totally something I would do!!! Loving your blog…C~

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